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Generally, if a woman wants to have a medical abortion in the UK, then she should receive two abortion pills at the clinic from the doctor during the first 10 weeks of her pregnancy and the pills should be taken in the clinic. But according to the new decision, a woman soon will have a possibility take the second abortion pill at home, as this will help to avoid the beginning of the drug action during her trip home from the clinic.

The action of the second abortion pill causes severe bleeding and spasms similar to the state, which a woman usually experiences during a miscarriage, therefore it is important, that the woman in this moment should be in comfortable conditions and safety.

Buy Abortion Pill Online

Many women in the UK complained that abortion pills can only be taken in the clinic and their complaints have been heard by the government. It is known that legalizing the taking the misoprostol medicine at home is welcomed by the country's leading gynecologists.

The President of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology supported this decision and said that this simple measure would become a significant concern for women, and it will allow women to avoid the fear and embarrassment during the pain and bleeding that can start at any moment during their trip home. It was also noted that this would avoid unnecessary second visits to the clinic.

Today, women in the United Kingdom who, need a medical abortion, may not worry that after receiving abortion pills at the clinic they will have to go home and feel the severe symptoms from the pills. During the abortion symptoms, the woman should be in safety and comfort.

The changed plan will help young women, as abortion can be very frightful for them.

As for the decision to take the abortion pills at home, then this is a rather controversial aspect, as the society for the protection of unborn children claims that this decision will make abortion a much more frequent procedure. Abortions should be controlled by the state so that women could not do it thoughtlessly.

Statistics show that about 180,000 abortions are performed annually in England. The most common of them are medical abortions.

Many women consider that a medical abortion is more natural, as it does not require any surgery. It consists of taking two different medications, mifepristone and misoprostol.

Firstly, the woman receives the drug mifepristone from her doctor. It helps to stop the pregnancy from developing. The second drug, misoprostol, is taken in about 24-48 hours. It provokes a contraction of the uterus. After taking the second drug, the uterus is completely emptied and the pregnancy ends after 4-6 hours, though, for different women this time may vary.

The change connected with taking the abortion pills outside the clinic should be admitted by the end of 2018. At the same time, the Ministry of Healthcare will closely cooperate with the doctors and specialists, whose activity is connected with medical abortions.

According to some statistics, four out of five abortions in England are the early medical abortions. Most women, who need an abortion, will be able to take the second abortion pill at home. But, if they wish, they can choose taking the second abortion pill in the clinic.

In accordance with the Abortion Act, the women, who want to have an abortion, will have a medical examination at the clinic before it. Although the new changes are not supported in Northern Ireland, as the law there is much stricter than in other parts of the UK.