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When one finds out about the unplanned pregnancy the first thought that appears in the head is the abortion. It is not always easy to decide to perform an abortion for women, but our life sometimes brings us the reasons to do something and sometimes not to do something.

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When you are thinking about the abortion the first you need to know is what possible abortion options exist. There are three items in the list - three options available. Let's start this list from the least preferable to the most preferable variant. From the oldest method to the most modern one.

So, the first option is Dilatation and Curettage (sometimes it also called Dilation and Curettage). The main and the only advantage of this abortion method is that it is performed on the late terms of pregnancy. But, there are a lot of disadvantages of it. First of all, you need to understand that D&C is full surgical operation, and it is performed in the hospital. During the operation the anaesthesia is used, but, nevertheless, the abortion procedure can be quite painful. After the procedure woman needs to stay in the hospital for some period of time depending on her conditions.

Abortion Options in UK

Also, exists some probability that operation can result in women's infertility.

The second available option is Vacuum Aspiration. It is more modern abortion method. The main concept of it is that under the ultrasound doctor inserts special tube in the woman's vagina and extracts the fertilized egg. The procedure is usually not painful and lasts over 20 minutes (including all the preparations). Oral painkillers can be used.

After the VA woman is free an can drive home by herself. The cost of vacuum aspiration in US clinics is up to $1,500.

The last but not the least abortion option is so-called Abortion Pill. Sometimes it is called medical or chemical abortion. This is the most modern method, it needs only one day and it not involves any invasion in woman's body. Nowadays it is considered as best method and recommended to all the women that want to make pregnancy termination.